Playing Morrowind with OpenMW

OpenMW is a full-featured, GPL-licensed rewrite of the Morrowind engine. During my end-of-year vacation, I discovered that OpenMW has made incredible progress since I last looked at it a couple of years ago, and now plays Morrowind almost flawlessly on my modest Linux laptop. GOG has made a DRM-free version of Morrowind available, so even if you’ve never purchased Morrowind before, it is easy to get started, even if you’re a Linux or OS X user.

Morrowind makes an incredible platform for storytelling, and projects like Tamriel Rebuilt are very promising examples of how a game can become a platform for interactive community storytelling.

There are a handful of active contributors but scrawl really stands out. If you want to support the project, he has a Patreon page.