The Adventures Of Tracking OpenMW Master

I love OpenMW, but if you move off the stable releases for some reason, things get interesting. There was an odd bug in 0.38 that would cause some saves not to load. When I asked scrawl about it, he said it was fixed in nightlies, so I checked out the git repo and started compiling and playing nightlies. Then the fun began!

Just as scrawl said, the save game bug was fixed, but a few days later, I updated and suddenly elves’ faces were untextured (i.e. completely black), so I started rolling back commits until it worked again.

A couple of weeks later (today), I thought maybe the texture issue was fixed, so I rolled forward to the latest master and recompiled. The face textures worked. Then I went to the Caldera mages guild and there was no one inside. Then I loaded an older save in Vivec, and found that the game had stopped loading actors in interior cells!

It’s awesome tracking scrawl’s work (I subscribe to the github RSS feed for commits on master), but I do find myself tagging ‘working’ commits so I can easily go back to them when the newest builds throw a curve ball.