Expectations and Disappointments

There are really two ways to consume entertainment: look at what’s available and choose, or imagine what you want and search. The approach you choose largely determines whether you’ll be happy or disappointed.

When I open Netflix, for example, if I’m looking for the latest movie, or even a specific movie a friend recommended, I’ll be disappointed. If I open Steam hoping that I can play The Witcher 3 on my Linux machine, I’ll shake my head and wonder if Linux users will ever get a good gaming experience. If I open Google Play Music and want to listen to A State of Trance 2016, I’ll end up closing the tab, wondering why I pay a monthly fee for the service.

On the other hand, if I open Netflix looking for something interesting to watch, I’ll be delighted. If I open Steam and look at all the games I can play on Linux, I’ll think the future is bright for Linux gamers like me. If I open Google Play Music, I’ll discover I can listen to almost anything I want. Almost.

And that’s good enough, as it turns out. I’m perfectly happy with the options I have. But if I imagine a world where I have every option, suddenly the real world will be disappointing. The only difference is my expectations.