Scrawl's OpenMW Update

I got an email last night from scrawl, the programmer I support on Patreon that does much of the work to maintain OpenMW, the modern open-source port of Morrowind that I’ve been using for the past eight months. His update, entitled ‘Taking a Break’ is for backers only, but here’s a small excerpt:

After a lot of thinking and some sleepless nights, I have decided that I need to take a break from “full-time” computer work, for as long as it takes me to significantly improve my physical condition.

Basically, the hours he’s putting in programming are taking a toll on his health, and he was quite sick for most of June. Scrawl should absolutely take the time to get better given the impact his project is having on his health.

But, as a fan, this is a huge blow. Many very talented programmers burn out, and once that happens, they often never really recover. When I was in my 20s, I didn’t really understand ‘work-life balance’; I always thought it was a euphemism for “don’t work too hard”. Now that I’ve been programming professionally for more than ten years, I’ve found that it’s really about how to sustain productivity for many years.

In any case, I wish scrawl the very best, and thank him for the tremendous work he’s put in to make OpenMW one of the highest quality open-source ports I’ve ever seen.